Is this a colorwheel issue?

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Is this a colorwheel issue?

Postby GDD » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:43 pm

I have a 56" Samsung DLP. I have cleaned it and replaced the lamp fan. However, when I turn it on, it often takes a while to display even though the lamp lights immediately. Then in a few minutes, it makes a loud ERRRRRRRR noise which U can mute. The TV makes that noise for about 10 seconds, the the picture will freeze up and then the display looks like the attached picture. The TV will then cycle itself and work correctly. It can repeat but after about 30 mins, the TV will work correctly for reat the day, if left on. Any ideas?

Seriously, board attachment limit has been reached so I can attach my photo?? Nice. :( is a grid pattern thatbisall green. It use to have a miniature screenshot in each square, now it is just green fuzz.

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Re: Is this a colorwheel issue?

Postby ChubbsTech » Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:39 pm


That sound you mention it's coming from the TV's audio ? I am asking because colorwheels will usually make a loud humming type noise when they are starting to fail. That sound will be like a mechanical type sound not to be confused with the sound ballast's make when they are starting to fail, which is more of an electrical type buzzing sound. Another thing a bad color wheel will start to do is cause vibration on the TV. Place your hand on top of the TV and if you feel vibration it can be the color wheel acting up. Check for those things and keep us updated.

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