HLT5087SAX Issue

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HLT5087SAX Issue

Postby notacc » Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:22 pm

I've been in contact with my local service center, however they do not have an idea of what is causing my issue as they have not seen this before. They would like to come out to try and repair it, but can't give me an estimate of the cost without an inspection. Thought I would see if you guys had any idea what might be causing this dark streak, before I pay them the diagnostic fee.

This is the slimline LED model, so it can't be the bulb...

Here are some pics of the issue:

The dark streak appears on all inputs I have tested. It is hard to see on any colors, except blue, white and yellow. On others you can not really notice the streak. If the inputs are turned off, you can see it on the black no input screen as well (hard to see, but you can).

Any ideas?

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