Samsung HL56A650 premature lamp burnouts

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Samsung HL56A650 premature lamp burnouts

Postby ST31MY » Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:29 pm

I am sure there are tons of these and I have read through a few and just want to see if there may be other issues before I just spend yet another $130 on a bulb.

The TV seems to go through bulbs about every 4-6 months. The bulb I bought was an Osram BP96-01653A ... 653a-h.htm (this is the bulb and where I bought it in April of this year)

The bulb yet again has blown last week and replacing them every 4 months is just becoming too expensive. Could something else be wrong that is causing this?
I am currently seeing if the site will replace it as it says it has a 1yr warranty, but if something else is wrong it will just blow again.

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