Samsung HLP5063wx/xaa: new lamp/ballast, now what?

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Samsung HLP5063wx/xaa: new lamp/ballast, now what?

Postby tony52 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:15 pm

The Sears repairman/contractor examined my non-functioning DLP and said the problem was the lamp and ballast. The color wheel was fine according to the tech, although his diagnosis was based on his handheld comp, not actually looking at the color wheel. I replaced both. The green lamp light flashes for a short amount of time, then the television powers down. This repeats approximately 3 times, then I end up with all 3 flashing lights. The lamp cooling fan is working. There is no "whirling" sound that I associate with the color wheel spooling up. I tried turning it on while manually pressing the small blue lever in the back forward (I think this may be the lamp safety switch, or whatever it is called). With that said.......
......the problem started a year ago. When powered on, the spool-up sound was harsher than normal (louder), but eventually calmed down as the picture came on. The picture was always fine. Eventually it failed to turn on, although I would get sound. I was overseas and did not look into getting a repairman until I moved back to the U.S. When the repairman came, I would only get the green light with no power-up sound. I do not know how important this additional information is. I always assumed it was the color wheel and was surprised that the tech said otherwise.

(1) How can I trouble shoot that the lamp and ballast are seated correctly and making correct contact? Both fit easily when I installed the new parts.
(2) Is there anything I need to reset (button, switch, etc.)?
(3) Is it the color wheel after all?

The reason for DIY was to NOT spend another $450 to for a 9-year old TV (after $99 for the home visit). I was willing to spend $120 or so to replace was was diagnosed. If the color-wheel needs to be replaced, would it be simple, or should I throw in the towel and put my money towards a new television?

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