Samsung HL-T6189S DLP tv

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Samsung HL-T6189S DLP tv

Postby nongeek » Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:52 pm

I have the above named TV purchased in 2007. I have the white dot problem and contacted Samsung and their recommended repair company. I need the DMD board. The repair would cost about $450.00 with a 45 day warranty. I have been trying to find the part online to fix it myself, and the part availability is limited and the cost is around $285.00. To date this is the only problem I have had with this TV. I am afraid that with the age of the TV and what I have been reading that there are likely more problems to come up. Would you recommend repairing the set ourselves or just starting over with a new set? I understand that the DLP is no longer manufactured? I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks so much.

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Re: Samsung HL-T6189S DLP tv

Postby appleads » Thu May 07, 2015 4:06 pm

Many of us LOVE the quality of the picture when these TV's are working. And when things go wrong, many times the repair can be done by anyone who is the least bit handy with a screwdriver. The parts are available if you search eBay, or Amazon, or, or Discount-Merchant. Just be sure to spend the money on genuine lamps and not cheap Chinese imitations. Also, clean inside everything you can see, and everywhere you can each. Dust kills more of these sets than anything else. Especially your model IF it has the LED system.

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Re: Samsung HL-T6189S DLP tv

Postby def » Sat May 16, 2015 1:18 am

I do not believe that RPTVs using dLp are manufactured any longer. However, your set is worth repairing because of the low cost and high performance of these sets. I recently repaired my white dot issue by replacing the dLp chip, also referred to as the DMD. This is a Texas Instruments device which uses micro mirrors which are adjusted to project the picture onto a screen.

I would contact Shopjimmy and determine which replacement dLp chip is needed. It will depend on the resolution of your receiver. Mine is a 1080 and required the higher priced replacement chip. My replecement dLp replacement was ~$185.00 with shipping.

If you still have a picture with dots, you do not need the whole DMD board, only the dLp component. The board is designed so that the dLp device can be replaced without anything more than a screwdriver. This receiver has no color wheel or arc lamp. The light engine is all LEDs. This series of receivers have some of the best pictures in the industry. Contrast ratio is very high.

There are videos on Youtube detailing the complete repair. It takes only a screwdriver and about 60 minutes to return your receiver to like new performance.

Make sure you clean all the dust from the chassis and fans when you do the reipairs. Heat is the likely cause of the failure and a dirty chassis and cooling fans reduce cooling and therefore cause the failure. I also cleaned the lens and mirrors while had the chassis out.

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Re: Samsung HL-T6189S DLP tv

Postby grayfox » Thu May 28, 2015 7:01 pm


I agree with the gentlemen helping you, this is an awesome TV with a great picture I am sure you can find the correct DMD chip part number and order it online. For some of my clients I usually look for a seller on ebay or amazon with a new or working condition and preferably with a loose return warranty just in case it is DOA.

I normally fix DMD white dot issues on Sammys for under 200 by going this way and hardly do I ever get a return. I hope this helps!
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