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73738 issues

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:00 am
by agaddis
My lamp was getting some age on it.. getting a little dim, so I ordered a new bulb. Replaced the bulb, much brighter, looked good for about 20 minutes. Then colors started flickering, jumping, and TV shuts off.. Put old bulb back in, works fine. Put new bulb back in, same thing. Old bulb back in, works fine. Sent bulb back, got another new bulb (all Phillips OEM) TV starts to come on, then shuts off with red light. Again, put old bulb back in, works fine. Order 3rd bulb, basically the same sequence as bulb 1. Put old bulb back in, works fine. Bulb 4 comes, works great for an hour or more, then colors go all postal and never shuts off, but flickers and color is so bad you can't watch it. Order Bulb #5 (This time an off brand) TV starts to come on then reverts to red light and shuts off. Old bulb still works fine. Finally, after about 5 weeks of this the original bulb that had been working ok, (just dim) goes out..


Re: 73738 issues

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:00 pm
by ChubbsTech

It sounds like both your color wheel and ballast are starting t act up. The ballast powers the lamp. The reason why your old bulb doesn't shut off will be because an old bulb requires less power from the ballast to ignite and remain lit. The new bulb requires more power due to all the mercury gas it has. The ballast with time will put out less power and thus not be able to power a new lamp properly. The color issue would be the color wheel no longer spinning at the proper speed. So pretty much you would have to replace both of these item to get the TV running correctly. Hope this helps, please let us know of any other questions or concerns.