Need a receptacle for DLP wd-57831

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Need a receptacle for DLP wd-57831

Postby 72Hulk » Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:26 pm


I have about a 5 year old DLP WD-57831, been a good tv except for the 4-5 lamp bulbs I have replaced.
During my last bulb that went out, I let my wife change it, first no-no, lol. Anyway, I think she may have not pushed it in all the way, or too far in.
But anyway the tv worked, and figured that was that. Then in a few days it popped, and bulb was out, I pulled it out, and the receptacle had melted to the plug
on the lamp. I had to pull them apart, they had already hardened. The tv appears fine, but one side of the receptacle is a glob. I just need a new receptacle, is this
possible? Is there a place to purchase this?
Thanks in advance.

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