zenith z52dc2d temperature trip set too low

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zenith z52dc2d temperature trip set too low

Postby NWArkGuy » Tue May 31, 2016 4:58 pm

Recently, I salvaged a z52dc2d that a neighbor threw out due a blown bulb. After finding a replacement bulb, I got the tv working for a bit.

Then the lamp replace warning came up. So, I dug around to find out how to reset that. Unfortunately, when in the service menu, I got distracted and modified the temperature error setting and watched the tv shut off thinking that it was overheated.

Now, the tv will not turn on at all. The standby and temp lights are both red. When power is pressed, the power led will blink green once or twice then back to red.

To repeat, this is not a problem with the sensor itself but the software settings.

I have left the tv unplugged for a few hours and that did not clear the problem. Same with overnight. Currently, it has been unplugged for 36 hours and i may try again.

Any ideas or advice?

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Re: zenith z52dc2d temperature trip set too low

Postby ChubbsTech » Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:54 pm


Just to be sure the lamp that you now have in there is it a new bulb ? Reason I ask is these bulbs can look good but if they are simply out of mercury gas they won't ignite anymore. Another possibility could be the ballast which is what powers the bulb. These components with time will lose the capability to power a new bulb because they eventually will start putting out less power than what they are supposed too. The bulb the ballast and even the color wheel are consumable parts which will eventually need replacing. Either of these parts if bad they will prevent the TV from turning on. As far as the temperature setting I recommend to do a Google search for a service manual using the TV model #.

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