Is there a Universal DLP lamp ?

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Is there a Universal DLP lamp ?

Postby Hawaii » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:38 am

My reason for asking this questions is I purchased a DLP lamp from our friendly TV repair guy here. It was a TYLA1001 for my Panasonic TV. I did all the book said to install the new lamp (simple) also reset the lamp and the red LAMP indicator lamp never went off. After about 4 weeks the TV would not turn on. The lamp indicator light would blink for a while but shut off NO picture. So I had another TV repair guy come by and he said it was a defective lamp and gave me another lamp that works extremly well. NOTE: I also purchased a 1 yr warranty from the first tv repair guy.
So I take the defective DLP lamp to the first TV repair man and he says let me look at the lamp and rolls out a SONY tv and test it while the lamp is hanging out the TV. There is a bright light but no colors as a picture would have. HE says quote: look it works no refund no new bulb? How can you test a Panasonic DLP with A Sony tv. I find that hard to swallow. Oh and he never gave me a NEW one or money back.
Your professional opinion please.

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Re: Is there a Universal DLP lamp ?

Postby darkart77 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:53 pm

Well the lamp you have can definitely work for a Sony, tv there is not a universal lamp but multiple tv model and brands can share a particular tv model.
(not justifying the poor customer service from the repair guy though)

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