Replaced bulb-worked then stopped????

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Replaced bulb-worked then stopped????

Postby luvtoread » Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:15 am

Hi, Have a Panasonic PT60LC14 & after 6 years need to finally replace bulb. Bought the bulb without housing and installed. Went on right away but we did not do the reset thing, just kept pressing the exit button when we would turn it on to watch. After a month or so it stopped going on. When we turn on the tv it just blinks green and then turns off. The screen is black. The red light for the bulb is flashing every 5 seconds. We tried to do the reset (hold down vol. button & split on the remote) but no good. Did we cause the bulb to go out because we didn't reset right away or could this be a defective bulb or do we now have the ballast problem I keep reading about? Our first thought is to replace the bulb again but found this site and thought I'd first ask for help. Help!

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Re: Replaced bulb-worked then stopped????

Postby BYO » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:30 pm

:geek: Hi,

This new bulb just got affected by the ballast, since you didnt reset the lamp hour meter, the ballast was still sending voltage for a old lamp. And that worn out faster the bulb. A new lamp most probably will make the trick, make sure to reset the lamp timer.

If you was not able to reset timer with "(hold down vol. button & split on the remote)", it might be because you are pressing - Vol on the remote control and not on the TV.

While pressing the VOL- button on
the projection display, hold down the
PIP or SPLIT button on the remote
control at same time for more than
5 seconds.

if PIP or SPLIT button does not do anything on the remote, try the Play button. :mrgreen: ... ctions.pdf

Hope this info helps you!! 8-)
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