PT 50LC13 Turning off during operation

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PT 50LC13 Turning off during operation

Postby Cheekz » Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:52 am

Just turns off while watching and looks too green.
I just got a free TV from a buddy, to hold me over, while I get up the money to buy a bulb for my other TV. He stated that, it worked as long as you kept it on. However, when we got it to my house it just wouldnt stay on, for more that 1 minute or so. Then, the lamp light blinks red one time and the power light blinks red constantly. After all this, we can power back up and it works for a minute or so. Logic tells me I have a power supply problem but, I dont know how to go abouit fixing it!! Plus, the picture quality seemed kinda outta color balance. I am not afraid to work on it and spend some money because, it was after all, it was free!! My main question is: What would make the picture come on and then just turn off? My second question is: Can I adjust the color balance or is there some type of part that does this? I am not totally ignorant and I have replaced a few bulbs in my life but, as far as the power source and ballasts go I'm ignorant. I looked at some other posts and saw a few about the power supply and color polarizing peices/units? So, if anyone has had this problem what did you do and how much did it cost you? Please help, I aleardy miss my Toshiba 62" DLP. Consequently, that bulb is friggen $150 at merchant direct.

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Re: PT 50LC13 Turning off during operation

Postby grayfox » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:14 pm

The discoloration without distortion on an image is almost always an indicator that the colorwheel has reached the end of its lifespan. When the colorwheel malfunctions it cuts the power to the lamp and prevents ignition, sometimes cycling through a couple of attempts. This is one of the consumable parts inside a DLP that needs replacement at least once during your TVs life span. This is almost always indicated by a humming, maybe even screeching sound.
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