Reset lamp hours, where to find a ballast PT-44LCX

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Reset lamp hours, where to find a ballast PT-44LCX

Postby partsguy » Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:51 pm


I purchased a new Phillips lamp from It lasted 3 weeks. I called in and got the RMA# The tech said it is probably not the lamp but the hour meter or the ballast. He was right, I removed the lamp, inspected it, put it back and it came on. The owner's manual says to follow the instructions that come with the new lamp to reset the lamp hours.. All I got was how to change the lamp, not how to reset the lamp hours. I do not have a split button on my remote. :?: HELP!

If it will not come on at all, where can I get a ballast? Discount merchant is out and doesn't know when or if they will be getting any more in. :?: HELP!

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Re: Reset lamp hours, where to find a ballast PT-44LCX

Postby Eddie » Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:18 pm

Hey parts guy, usually has tons of parts, but for your Panasonic, I think you can Google "Ballast Repair Kit" and you'll come across a few things that will help you repair your ballast. Also, the split button can be found on some of the newer Panasonic remotes. I think DM might have those as well, but if not, check some websites on the web. There are lots of places out there, you just have to look for it.

DM also has full customer support, so ask to speak with a tech there for more information about the Panasonic Ballast Repair kit. The ballast usually goes out the same time as the lamps in Panasonics and it's usually a blown capacitor or something. The repair kit is about 20-30 bucks and it's definitely a lot cheaper than buying a new ballast!

Good luck!


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