Philiips replacement lamp is now available!

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Philiips replacement lamp is now available!

Postby SteveJones » Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:36 am

For everyone whose been deeply disappointed byt the quality of their original JVC lamps, the new Philips alternative is is a post from's blog:

Thursday, February 21st, 2008 @ 6:37 pm

JVC D-ILA TVs have a serious flaw…and actually, they’ve always had this flaw: the lamp. Millions of consumers purchased (and continue to do so), JVC D-ILA Projection TVs because of the outstanding picture quality. Compared side by side to Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and the rest of the gang…these D-ILA TVs look amazing. The specifications are the state of the art, cosmetically they are beautiful, and they are among some of the lightest “projection” TVs on the marketplace. But they have a week point–the lamp.

The replacement lamp, part number TS-CL100UA, was originally reviewed by us a few years ago. Click here for a link to that article: ... ts-cl110u/

to save you some time, if you need replacement help, click here:

Ok, back to our story…

UHP lamps are still a relatively new technology. The first UHP lamp was created in Philips’s laboratory and went public in 1995. Since then, Philips has been making strides in improving the technology. Just like everything else, imitators entered the UHP market and competition was born. Today, we’ve got at least a dozen manufactures of UHP Lamps in the marketplace…normally the competition would be beneficial, but in this market it has created a lot of of controversy. All in all, we always stress to use a high quality lamps are replacements…the clear favorite is of course Philips UHP Lamps.

With all this said, we wanted to share our review of the Philips brand JVC TS-CL100UA Lamps. These are brand new to the marketplace but we’ve already “hot tested” three D-ILA TVs over the last three months. The results are promising!

With over 2,200 hours clocked and counting, our Demo JVCs are processing Hi Def cartons mornings and nights. The picture is still as good as it was three months ago and most importantly, NO FAILED LAMPS!

NOTE: Testing UHP lamps “continuously” is only one way…the stress test is the REAL test…and we’re doing this as well. On a fourth JVC set, we are doing our stress sets which consists of 10 power cycles a day. The status so far after three months: TWO Thumbs UP!

How to identify a original Philips lamp? Well, clearly you would think it says Philips all over it…traditionally this is how it’s always been with Samsung, Hitachi, Sony, RCA and the various other brand name TVs that utilitize Philips UHP Lamps. In this case, we’re a bit preplexed. The lamp itself does not have any identifying markers on it. The traditional Philips stamp is no where to be seen! I don’t know if the units we’ve got our hands on are still pre-market versions of the lamps, but I would expect Philips to start badging these very soon! The only real way right now is to purchase from a trusted vender. We’ve always recommended our sponsar,, and they have this lamp available right now on their site:

Here are a few pictures of the lamp and enclosure…

We’ve always recommended our sponsar,, and they have this lamp available right now on their site:

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Re: Philiips replacement lamp is now available!

Postby Eddie » Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:06 am

Wow that's awesome!


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Re: Philiips replacement lamp is now available!

Postby SamWeb » Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:31 am

:evil: :evil: I have contacted Philips Lamp department and they sent back the following email to me today, June 29, 2011.

We do not make this lamp for JVC

Dear customer care representative,

A customer has sent a question via the Internet with the following details:

Customer information
First name :
Last name : Samson
Organization : -
Address :
Postal Code : City :
Country : US
E-mail :
Telephone : Age : -
Gender : -
Date : June 22, 2011, 3:25 pm (GMT-05:00)

Additional parameter(s)
subject : OEM for JVC DLP TVs

Comment / Question
Can you please confirm that you are the new OEM Lamp/bulb maker for JVC which was Matsushita for the TS-CL110U Lamp or just the bulb? I have been trying to get to the truth but it seems that honesty is the least of anyone's concern these days where money is involved. Thank you for your time to respond to this question.



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Re: Philiips replacement lamp is now available!

Postby grayfox » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:39 pm

Hello SamWeb,

I order from the sponsor company ( ) which distributes original genuine Philips lamps. ;) These lamps come in all sizes, Watts, and ignition kV's. One lamp is 100% compatible (same specs) :shock: as the original JVC lamp, in fact I have replaced all of my customers lamps with Philips from DM and have gotten great results, it is no wonder they invented this technology and other emulate it like Matsushita and Osram.... :oops:

I would advise, if you are certain you need a new lamp, to get an original Philips! :P
I hope this information helps! :mrgreen:
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