JVX HD-52G887AA lamp problems?

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JVX HD-52G887AA lamp problems?

Postby mikeyt81 » Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:17 pm

hey my tv went down a couple days ago...havent really messed with it yet but the lamp light and power button flash rapidly, but there is no sound...been told that if it was the lamp that i would still have sound?..i have nothing besides the two lights blinking. Also, you can hear a noise coming from where the lamp is mounted inside the tv while trying to power up..then nothing happens. Not an audio noise..like its trying to turn on or something. So i took the lamp out and it has loose glass inside of it but otherwise looks good...so i imagine its blown?..and if its blown why dont i have sound, like ive been told i would? I've tried unplugging and leeting sit for a while then retrying it but same thing..also my lamp replacement timer went off a while back but it just finally quit...would this be the lamp?..even though i dont have sound either?

ty for any help...much appreciated

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Re: JVX HD-52G887AA lamp problems?

Postby Crowell » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:49 pm

There are two ways a lamp expires, one is when the picture on the tv starts to get dimmer & dimmer, until you only hear audio, then it shuts off completely. The other is when the lamp implodes & since it stops working immediately the lamp sensor detects an anomaly to the DMD board and shuts the TV off for security reasons. Remember that a functioning lamp dose not have any looks glass inside so your bulb is definitely blow, you’ll have to replace it.
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