Magnavox 50ML6200D/37 two red light

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Magnavox 50ML6200D/37 two red light

Postby curlyjoe99 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:35 am


I have a 2006 Phillips Magnavox 50ML6200D/37 and replaced the first lamp two months ago. Yes I used a Phillips OEM bulb. :D Today, when I turned it on, it powered up for about a minute then the screen went black, sound remained on and I could change the channel. the single power button still glowed blue and had both red lights on. does anyone know what the two lights on at the same time indicate?

From what I can tell, they are a temp and a lamp indicator.

I've unplugged it and let it set for several hours without help. When I pulled the lower cover I noticed that the exhaust fan was slowly turning instead of it's normal higher speed. The smaller fan appeared to be running at full speed. Being A PC support person, I swapped out a high speed 92MM case fan since the original has seized bearings. when I powered the TV back on, still had the same issue, so I swapped the original fan back.

the TV is a 2006 model, so it's 7 yrs old, but I'd like to keep it working even if it becomes a backup.

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Re: Magnavox 50ML6200D/37 two red light

Postby grayfox » Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:09 pm

Hello curlyjoe99,

Hmm the fan might not be getting the power it needs.. If both fans appeared to turn slower, this might let the lamp compartment get too hot and trip the thermostat, or maybe this is the exhaust speed compared to the inlet. This lamp lasted a long time so my first recomendation would be to check you manual to see if this big screen has a "lamp hour timer" if it does it needs to be reset. Secondly, such a long time on one ballast, it might be a little weary as this is a consumable part from what you must have read by now. Maybe its time to replace your ballast! I really doubt the Philips lamp is bad they have a less than 0.01% fail rate. Particular signs of a bad ballast is an electronic arching sound at ignition, TV only powers on for a few minutes and sometimes even what you describe as the screen going blank and the sound remaining...

Let me know if you draw any conclusions and if I can be of any service. Happy New Year!
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