New lamp only stays on 20 secs, constant blink ylw

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New lamp only stays on 20 secs, constant blink ylw

Postby Chavid » Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:24 am

Here's my situation: I've bought two factory replacement knock-offs. The first one didn't work at all, but the 2nd one did...sort of. It will flicker until it turns on, then it will turn off after about 20 seconds on average (never get a picture to display when it's on, not even a menu screen, so I'm not sure how I could reset the lamp timer in this case). Keeps doing this for the allotted 8 attempts. Now, I've already replaced the ballast, ballast power supply, door switch, and the lamp temperature sensor, and it's still doing the same thing... flashing yellow with a solid blue power light until the dreaded red light appears. The guide keeps saying the same thing: It's the lamp technology. So, at this point, I'm at a loss. This is so frustrating. :x Any thoughts?
To note: I lost the lamp door cover during a move; however, the door switch has been manipulated to always stay in the 'on' position, which prevents a solid yellow light, and the warning voice from saying 'lamp door is open' . And from my understanding, if it's not 'on'...lamp won't power up at all, which isn't my problem. I never dreamt finding a replacement door (part 75008454) would be so difficult; I've looked everywhere online. I should mention: At start-up, periodically, I do hear a few clicks, like a taser, even after I'd replaced all the hardware mentioned above. I don't hear a high-pitch sound, however, which I've learned should be the color wheel activating...assuming that that description is accurate. I really don't want to sink much more money into it by assuming another replacement piece of hardware will fix the issue. I really just want to know what's definitely causing this problem(s). Please help! :( Thanks! -Chavid

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Re: New lamp only stays on 20 secs, constant blink ylw

Postby grayfox » Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:07 pm

Sometimes the lamps ballast goes out after you replace the lamp. The ballast essentially is responsible for powering up the lamp, since it is the second most popular consumable part in your TV, I would strongly advise you consider replacing it. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to do, there is a guide on this site

Hope this helps!
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