62HM14 issues turns on with no picture or sound

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62HM14 issues turns on with no picture or sound

Postby stockinteg » Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:28 am

Hi everyone! I am glad I was able to find a forum for dlp repairs as I am completely fed up with my 62HM14 dlp tv. The tv was working find a month ago and then all of a sudden stopped getting picture or sound. I can still hear the fan and I think color wheel moving and the tv turns on. I first had the lamp replaced which I thought was an obvious problem and that didnt fix it, then I had the ballast replaced and that didnt fix it, now my only other thought is could it be the color wheel? How can i diagnose what the problem is at this point? Any easy fixes? maybe cleaning of the wheel? Any help would be great as I have spent enough money trying to fix it and dont feel like spending much more as I am in college and have lots of bills to pay. Thanks in advance!

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Re: 62HM14 issues turns on with no picture or sound

Postby ChubbsTech » Thu May 06, 2010 9:10 pm

Hello stockinteg.
Since you have already replaced the lamp and ballast, that only leaves the color wheel or the fans. A bad digital, analog board, light engine or DMD boards are no reason for the tv not turning on. You might want to open up your tv and inspect if all of the fans are working properly, another thing is that you might want to clean the inside free of dust & mold, some time they might clog up the fans and cause the parts to over heat. While your at it inspect the color wheel, see if its shattered or damaged in any way, also try spinning it manually, see if there is a scratching or a staring noise, another thing is that the wheel has to spin very easily, if not then there is something wrong with it, and you’ll probably need replacing.
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