Toshiba56HM66 DLP-lamp cooling fan

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Toshiba56HM66 DLP-lamp cooling fan

Postby Rhsuzsnap » Thu May 21, 2015 1:10 am

I changed out the DLP lamp two months ago, and everything has been ok. Now it tries to come on. Sometimes I have a solid blue light and blinking yellow sometimes a blinking blue. I pulled the lamp out and powered up, and the fan behind the lamp (between lamp and front of TV) is NOT running. I am told that to get to the fan housing to remove it and out in a new one, I would have to pull out the lamp engine. Is this something one can do? I'm the handy woman of the family, my husband not so much. I considered getting my brother-in-law, who has sold and serviced Stihl saws and all outdoor products and is very handy to pull the back panel with me so we could see if pulling the lamp,engine is something we could do. Have any of you ever done it?

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Re: Toshiba56HM66 DLP-lamp cooling fan

Postby grayfox » Thu May 28, 2015 8:49 pm


I would begin by searching for a LIGHT ENGINE replacement video for a Toshiba, since this is essentially what you would be partaking in, and these need to be reassembled perfectly! As another user put it "like dismantling a bomb" hehe.

This is an example of what you are looking for as a guide I hope it helps, all DLP TVS are comprised of the same interior components..
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