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46HM94 Light dimm

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:06 pm
by stevecos
Have a 46HM94 DLP, lost picture but still had sound. I bought a new Lamp and installed it I still had the same problem, so I unplugged the box waiting to get the money for a repair. Two weeks went by and I decided to try it again. So with the new lamp I plugged it in and the picture was back. Surprised, I thought it was the cleaning that I did with a couple of cans of compressed air. Two weeks go by and although the picture wasn't as sharp as when I first got it, the TV was OK. .
I do leave the TV on for days at a time with my insomnia. I shut the TV down for around 8 hrs. When I went to turn it on I was back to sound without a picture. I did notice the screen was lit up slightly. The TV tried to reset itself with the light code solid red and 3 blinking green lights. Once it went through its process the sound was on but no picture. could the ballist be bad?? any clues. I could see the lamp lit in the back of the tv.