Toshiba and the amazing blue blur ( Not Clark Kent

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Toshiba and the amazing blue blur ( Not Clark Kent

Postby 1gr8sysop » Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:03 am

Hello all,

Im in bad need of help with my Tosh 56hm195 I replaced a bad bulb and now have a blue blur to the right of any bright white or blue object with a black background... The color wheel is silent and I need to fix this my self since I'm currently financially embarrassed. This happens on all inputs but its definitely worse on HD and also worse with the contrast up. If the screen i warn colors no problems. any help would be greatly appreciated... I have been dealing with just answers but they dont know the answer... I need a TRUE expert. Here is a link with pics /Toshiba/

Here is all the info so far.

I just replaced the lamp after the tv set in storage for a few months and now I have Blue streaks running left to right on the screen. If there is a dark gray or black background with a bright ( Light colored ) object the blue will streak to the right of it. For example if your watching the news you will see the blur or streaks to the right of the faces of the news casters. If your watching a screen with red, orange's or browns and no bright white the picture is perfect. If there is medium to dark blue on the screen it is streaky and also streaks to the right. I can send pics if needed. I have been told this could be the dmd board, digital video board, color wheel, etc. but nobody can narrow it down.

he menu test comes up two ways. If I pull the menu up on a black screen with no video device turned on ( Cable tuner, dvd, etc. ) it shows perfect. If I have something playing in the background that is a light colored screen you can see the streaks in the menu box but not as much as outside it.

The tv had been unhooked for sometime so I didn't have an Hd cable box till today. The problem is definitely worse on hd. I have tried my xbox as well and there are streaks on it too. Streaks on the analog board and the digital.
I also rigged the door and checked to see if there was any flickering of the bulb and it looks good ( its new but I figured I better check. ) You can here the color wheel turning with the door open but just barely. No bad noise or anything.
My first thought was the dmd board but I don't have any small squares or anything like that. Im trying to narrow it down since my budjet is going to make this a DIY job.

A little more info on the menu test. You can see the streaks on the menu test only if there is a moving picture with blue behind the menu like on the pictures posted but if you pull up a menu that covers the full screen there are no streaks at all...

Sorry for the overload.. any help is great.


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Re: Toshiba and the amazing blue blur ( Not Clark Kent

Postby toshfang2010 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:38 am

Thanks for the pictures. I am having the exact same problems as you. If I find anything I will pass it on. Let me know if you have any success.

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