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Constant humming noise!!!!

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:35 pm
by bigsouth620
OK the T.V. is a Toshiba 52HM95. When I turn the T.V. on it starts up with an almost grinding sound and then the T.V. turns off. It turns itself back on with the grinding noise and then shuts off again. It will turn back on again with the grinding mellowing out into a constant annoying humming sound. From there the T.V. and picture work great just the constant annoying hmmmm! I,ve changed the bulb which is fine. I checked out the color wheel and it's not broken up. I've heard sometimes a bad ballast board can cause humming, but it seem to be coming more from the light engine area. Is there a fan somewhere in the light engine portal?? I know that when you stop any of the fans while T.V. is on the T.V. will turn itself off. Could it be a fan thats on it's last leg and when it's trying to start up makes the grinding sound, turns off and in turn shuts the T.V. off? Or might it be a straight up engine problem. Also.. I've tapped on the area of the light engine behind the color wheel and it's made the grinding noise with a little help from my tap.. Please anyone help me out!

Re: Constant humming noise!!!!

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:25 am
by grayfox
Even though there is no discoloration on your image I am almost certain your colorwheel has reached the end of its lifespan. This is one of the consumable parts inside a DLP that needs replacement at least once during your TVs life span. This is almost always indicated by a humming, maybe even screeching sound... even if the colorwheel is not shattered it does not mean the bearing is working perfect!
hope this helps