50HM67 - No picture

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50HM67 - No picture

Postby kazerak » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:33 am

I hope this thread is still alive. Anyways, I picked up a Toshiba 50HM67 TV from an electronics recycling place here in town for $10. First thing I noticed with the TV is that it was missing the lamp module assembly. I bought one and installed it as per instructions, The TV does not work or come on really. What it does is as soon as I turn the TV on the lamp fires up (but with no picture) then turns back off and restarts. Both fans run the boards look good (no bad caps or burns). The Blue LED remains on and solid and the amber LED blinks three times and then it blinks for 11 times. The manual really doesn't do a very good job clarifying the LED blinks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Update: I took the TV apart and noticed once powered on the light comes on and the color wheel begins to spin. But the light it's not being projected out to the screen. The light seems to almost stop once it gets in to the projector device. Only a very small amount of light is visible through the projector lens. The TV then shuts down.

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