TV does not turn on

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TV does not turn on

Postby Gio » Tue May 12, 2009 7:21 pm

possess a sharp lcd tv 48 inches xl2e.

I do not know what happened but my TV does not turn more, intermittently illuminate the red light and the stand by the green dell 'OPC, you know what it means and what the component is damaged, if a lamp or other?
or is it just a matter of software?

the TV after an hour of life has been turned off by itself, and does not turn on more!
Stay all night, just like when it is turned off.

When I press on, both from the tv button on the remote and then turn on only the 2 spies in the following colors, OPC green, and red for the stand by that usually when the TV is on is green.

no unusual sound.

It seems that the flashing lights of the 2 is meant an error code. of which I have not a clue.
From my little experience I have imagined that it could be a software problem or is it that the lamp is burned on the TV, but I do not see the flashing lights of the 2, and I stand by it is red, turns green when I press on the remote but returns immediately red.
You have an idea of what may be?

Thank you

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Re: TV does not turn on

Postby Eddie » Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:43 am

Do you have an LCD or DLP? I'm confused!


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