LG 52" DLP turning off after about 15 minutes.

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LG 52" DLP turning off after about 15 minutes.

Postby Tmurphy » Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:43 pm

So we have a 52" LG DLP. ( 52SZ8D-UA)
We bought it second hand last October and it only needed a new lamp. $100 and we were up and rockin with a new TV for our kids play room!

It has been working flawlessly for the last 5 months.
In the last couple weeks whenever we turn it on, it will turn itself off after about 10-20 minutes.
The picture looks fine, there are no warning lights on, no clicking or cracking sounds, everything is as it should be.
If you wait about 2 minutes after it turns itself off, it will automatically turn itself back on.
Many times it will be perfectly fine and the kids can watch it for a few hours with no further issue, sometimes it will turn itself off one more time and go through the same cycle.
Each time when it turns on, the power indicator light flashes yellow 10-12 times and then goes green and the tv comes on as normal.
You hear the colour wheel or fans spin up and hear no other odd sounds.

As far as I know, this is the sets second lamp. And it is nearing 9 yrs old, but was not used for a few years after the first lamp went out.
We replaced the original lamp with a Phillips, and it is still under warranty for another month, so if it is possibly the lamp I'd like to figure that out now rather than later

Any ideas?
I have searched and searched and the other threads I have found about TV's just shutting off didn't really fit our scenario.
Ours turns itself back on after about 2 minutes and when it does shut down there is no red light on the power indicator, like there usually is when you press the power button to turn it off yourself.
It is like it goes completely dead or does a heard reset or something and then all the sudden comes back to life.... every single time.
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Re: LG 52" DLP turning off after about 15 minutes.

Postby Tmurphy » Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:25 am

So, I got some time tonight to take a look.... I didn't tear it right down.
I went conservative and removed and inspected the lamp (in the cage), removed all the access panels, vacuumed and de-dusted where I could.
Everything looked ok, no bulging caps that I could see, no burnt parts, just a little dust here and there but nothing significant.
Put it all back together and fired it up to see what it would do....

We watched it for 15 minutes and like clockwork it shutdown...... just a click and no red lights, no nothing...so we waited the couple minutes for it to fire back up 2 minutes..... 3 minutes.... 5 minutes...... 10 minutes..... I said to my daughter it has never taken this long before.
I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in... nothing.... its dead. :(
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Re: LG 52" DLP turning off after about 15 minutes.

Postby grayfox » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:13 pm


Wow 2 lamps in 9 yrs that is really good! After the first one goes out the average lifespan is 12-24 months on a good quality aftermarket lamp, hopefully Philips brand bulb..

I am thinking having only changed the lamp once, your ballast is most likely good.. but even 9 yrs it can take a toll and this part is also consumable, as it is spent generating up to a 15kV ignition charge for the lamp.

Did you replace this lamp with an original lamp from LG or from an authorized Philips distributor? you can also get OG Philips lamps on Amazon and Ebay from what I have learned in my recent purchases for my clients.

Having ranted a bit about the importance of the OG bulb I would like to explain that the market is saturated with generic lamps (not all that bad, but not as bright or long lasting), and my suggestion would be to try a second lamp first, before we go dwelling into taking anything apart and replacing the ballast.

One quick question, is your TV during, before or after the malfunction make any strange grinding, whining or electronic arching sound?

Hope I can be of help!
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