VIORE RPT50V24D When plugged it turns itself on

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VIORE RPT50V24D When plugged it turns itself on

Post by JuanS » Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:25 pm

Hi, have a RPT50V24D 50inch DLP TV, last night I was watching it, and suddenly, when changed channel passing through an HD channel without signal, image came black, a humming noise (little bit up and then down) was made, and then the tv stayed on, not respoding to the remote control or any other button in the TV itself.
I unpluggued the TV and waited a couple of hours to plug it back to the wall, when I did, the TV turned itself on with the "LAMP" light blinking, the lamp turned on (you can see its on in the screen) but there is no image and also there is no sound or response from the remote control or the buttons on the tv.

I already did this three times, and in the three times, the result its the same, TV turns itself on, lamp on, no image, and a small humming sound can be heard .

Already surfed on the net, but cannot find anythng related with this issue to had happended to another Viore RPT50V24D 50inch DLT TV owner.

Know that Viore is in reality a Samsung TV just renamed, can anyone help me or point me in the right direction to fix my TV?

Juan S

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Re: VIORE RPT50V24D When plugged it turns itself on

Post by BYO » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:55 pm

Hi if you see the lamp glow on the back and you still don't have a image on any DLP TV, the most common issue is that the DLP chip just went bad, and is not creating or reflecting the image to the screen. You need to replace the DLP chip or the DMD Board (which has the DLP Chip) or the light engine (which has the DMD). You can watch this video: and it will tel you how DLP Works.

Your right Viore is manufacture by Samsung and you can get the DLP chip form them here: ... =RPT50V24D

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