Possible Light Engine Replacement

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Possible Light Engine Replacement

Postby tylersullivan » Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:54 am

I have a dark tinted line running accross the top of my screen. the picture still comes in behind it. I've been told it is the light engine? IF so does anyone know how to put on in or have some type of guide or tut. ? i have the HP MD5880N 58" DLP. ANyone have a similar issue? I've been told its an easy process to replace one.
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Re: Possible Light Engine Replacement

Postby BYO » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:40 pm

If this is a straight line than yes you need to change the light engine or at least the DMD board. This is not something that happens to often on HP TV's so I think it will be hard to get a guide online.
DLP's are manufacture very similar, with 2 modules each module mounted in a sliding chassis.
Most probably left side module will be for all the PCB's (TV Boards), and right module will be the light engine.

a Light engine will look something like this:
http://photos.discount-merchant.com/pho ... id=1187327

You can see the DMD board in this pic, is located inside the rectangular metal cage with circled openings. The last 2 pics on that link will show you the DMD board expose. It will be wise to open that cage and get the part # for your DMD so you can look for it online.

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