Samsung DLP TV - 'bar codes" across screen

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Samsung DLP TV - 'bar codes" across screen

Postby DCWaterman » Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:20 pm

I have a Samsung DLP TV model HL-R5667WX/XAA. Just before I turned it off, I had black and white vertical lines - like bar codes - running across the entire screen. There were no indicator lights blinking or any noise coming from the TV. I just had the screen with the vertical lines and perfect sound. I have replaced the lamp and the color wheel - been dealing with large shadowy white circles for a while (not the white dot problem Samsung is willling to fix) and was wondering if anyone had an idea as to the possible problem and what I can expect to pay for repairs. I realize the TV is 6 years old and out of warranty but I am frustrated at the repairs that seem to be happening - one right after the other - and need to know if is worth repairing!
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