samsunghl- p4663w problem please help

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samsunghl- p4663w problem please help

Postby yrman007 » Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:02 pm

My tv turns on and the picture looks great and sounds great, but after about 3 to 5 mins the picture starts to get blotchy. sound is still good. starts flashing white lines and then a blue film over the top. sound is still good. it starts to have a picture over picture and is getting worse. sound is still good. picture is jumping and is getting worse. a whole bunch of colors now but still can see the words and now is turning red and picture is jumpy. its been about 10 mins since I turned tv on. it is now a green picture and very jumpy, sound is still good. I tried to turn it off, but it wont let me. the only way is to pull the plug. picture is very jumpy and seems to be moving across the screen with alot of red, green color. This doesnt seem like a lamp problem to me. what do you think the problem could be?
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Re: samsunghl- p4663w problem please help

Postby grayfox » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:09 pm

if only the colors are moving around this can be a simple colorwheel replacement, if the image itself is distorting then it might be a DMD board issue...
Once you start getting the malfunction does the image itself stay clear but the color vary? or does the complete screen go into what you describe??
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samsunghl p4663w problem please help

Postby hawasakigirl » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:41 pm

I got the STEAM demo for MB: Warband, and it wont load. I press Play, it loads for a second, then takes me to its page.
Why is it doing this, and if you know the problem and how to fix it, please do tell
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