Mitsubishi FPL rear projection 2008 Model WD-65C8

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Mitsubishi FPL rear projection 2008 Model WD-65C8

Postby v58phipps » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:09 am

I replaced the lamp about a year ago and had no more problems. In the past 6 months the TV was shutting off on it'sown. The timer would flash and after flashing went out the TV could be turned back on. The other the day the TV got real dark and went out completely. We purchased two new bulbs and put one new one in. After replacing the new bulb we turned on the tv and the timer flashed green and then the lamp status light started flashing orange. We then put in the 2nd new bulb that was purchased and we still have the same problem. After doing some research we found that the ballast may need to be replaced. We purchased a new ballast and installed it and we still have the same problem. The tv timer turns green, then automaticly goes to the orange flashing light on the bulb status. The bulb screw tightness was checked and still the same problem. What else could be causing this problem. The fuse in the power supply is good. Is there a problem with the main circuit board that feeds the power supply to the ballast or is it something else? Please help!!


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