Best DLP TV Brand?

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Best DLP TV Brand?

Postby kazerak » Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:03 am

Here lately I have been buying, repairing, and selling nice DLP TV's. I have only had experience with two brands which are Toshiba & Sony, & I only do this as a hobby. I'm wanting to know if there is a certain brand I should try to get and if there is a brand I shouldn't even consider. So far I have acquired three DLP TVs, one Sony & two Toshiba, the Sony was a 55" Grand Vega and it was given to me. The Toshiba's I bought for $10 a piece at an electronic recycling center here in town, so far all three only needed the lamp replaced. This recycling center has about four or five more DLP TV's all not working in one way or another.

I am wanting to know if I should try to get these TV's, they are all selling for $10 a piece or $35 for all. This place has 42" Samsung, a 50"+ Panasonic, 50"+ Mitsubishi which has some pieces missing and a few others. Below is a picture of the Mitsubishi, the Panasonic and some other one up on the left. The Toshiba TV to the right is in my living room & working perfect. All the TV's mentioned are no older than 5 years.

Just checking to see if it's worth buying flipping and selling these.

Thanks for any help guys.

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