Hl-5063w Repair!!

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Hl-5063w Repair!!

Post by forrestf » Wed May 18, 2011 8:50 pm

Hey, i have a hl-5063w dlp that the picture went out on. I had a technician that told me it was the color wheel. i replaced the color wheel and i had the lamp light flashing. i replaced the lamp and the lamp ballast and i still have a lamp light. i did bypass the cutoff switch and i checked the jumper. i hear the fans kick on and i hear the lamp trying to fire but it does not. i checked voltage at the ballast (voltage in) and i am getting voltage. any advise will help!! thanks!!

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Re: Hl-5063w Repair!!

Post by BYO » Mon May 30, 2011 3:48 pm


There 3 more things that can trigger that Lamp alert.
a.- Temperature sensor
This is located right next to the lamp, you can test continuity, if is a open circuit you got to replace it.
http://photos.discount-merchant.com/pho ... id=1213367

b.- Lamp hour meter
The TV has a hour meter of lamp use. And is programmed to give you a warning @ X ammt of hrs.
While the meter goes higher in hours the ballast adapt its voltage in order to work properly with the lamp consumption.
Higher the hours = higher the voltage. Some time the ballast doesnt detect there is a new lamp if we do not reset to 0's this timer.
You can do this by following this instructions:
http://www.fixyourdlp.com/2007/02/15/re ... r-counter/

c.- DMD
Which is the brain of the DLP tv. Is the one that controls the color wheel, ballast, and receives warnings from doors sensor and temp sensor.

***The voltage received from power supply to ballast should be 350V, if this is not the voltage received you will need to change the power supply. Sionce ballast will not have enough power to ignite the lamp.

Hope this helps you. :geek:
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