52" Samsung DLP shutting off on its own.

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52" Samsung DLP shutting off on its own.

Post by Momof3 » Wed May 25, 2011 9:47 pm

We have a 52" Samsung DLP model # HLS5687wx/xaa And when I turn the tv on the tv turns off after I hear a whining noise. The lamp button in front flickers green all day even when tv is off. Is this an indication the lamp is burnt out? when we turn tv on a screen comes on tv for 2 seconds then turns off. The fans all work. We cleaned the inside of dust. I would hate to spend the $ for a new lamp and it not be the lamp. A tv repair guy says it will cost me $300 to have him fix it. Any advice? Not sure if I should just put the thing on the curb as trash or not. Bought this tv in dec of 2006, never knew it would eventually take a dump and I am not tv techy.

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Re: 52" Samsung DLP shutting off on its own.

Post by BYO » Thu May 26, 2011 2:46 pm

:geek: Hi Momof3,

Thanks for trusting in us, If you are getting a image for 2 seconds there is a really good chance that lamp is not the issue. What I am concerned is the whining sound you hear. We need to narrow sit a little bit more. Is this more like a mechanical or electrical sound?

:!: Mechanical Sound:
Will sound more like metal and metal sliding, kind of when brake pads of car worn out. This can be related with the color wheel. Color wheel spins very fast @ 5K or 15K RPM's. If color wheel is bad you MIGHT hear kind like a fan speeding down when the TV shuts OFF after the 2 sec's of image. You MIGHT also feel some vibrations on the TV (if you put your hand on TOP or bottom back near the lamp area). If so..... most probably you need to replace the Color Wheel. You can get this from our sponsor:

:arrow: http://www.discount-merchant.com/Samsun ... 9a-enc.htm

:!: Electrical Sound:
If the whining sound's more like your refrigerator or kind of a electric buzz, or if you hear constant click's you might need to change the Lamp Ballast. Is really recommended that when you change the ballast you also change the lamp. And keep the one that is inside as a spare. If this is the case you can purchase the ballast for your TV @:

:arrow: http://www.discount-merchant.com/produc ... 00033a.htm

We hope this info is useful for you and many others..... :mrgreen:
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