dlp light engine repair

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dlp light engine repair

Postby scm37 » Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:38 pm

Hi, I originally posted a simple question under "Toshiba Discussion" and did not get a straight answer. The answers I got were deflections and steered me towards Retail repair businesses. I wanted to do this myself and made that clear. those of you who "answer" consumer questions like mine HAVE to be aware that this is 2011, and we have the internet at our fingertips. Enough searches and I found my own answers, but I was under the impression that these forums were created to help US. NOT steer us towards conventional retail repair businesses. The problem, as I see it, is, this DLP technology was never completely debugged. That is to say that it was released for sale by these large corporations with the sole intent of generating revenue even tho it was understood that these units WOULD fail. Samsung has been addressing these light engine failures, but it is unclear whether these"replacement" engines are any better than the originals. I have a toshiba, less than four years old.I am waiting to hear from toshiba. They said they would have a "Case manager" call me back in regards to my problem. Other posts on other forums show total lack of support by toshiba regarding these problems. So I am not expecting ANY help from them!
Any way, in answer to my own question, which was simply "Where can I send my light engine for repair?" I found several options,
PacParts(google it) is a place that lists for sale many engines. But they didn't have mine. There is a place called "HVT" which only works with manufacturers, no help to me. Then I found TRI-STATE Modules(google it) again, didn't have mine. Then I found "ModuslinkPTS"(google it) They list my engine but don't have it in stock. However, they have a "send in for repair" option and I sent them an email. Currently waiting for them to respond. If they actually can fix it, they list the price as approx $360.00. I did find a listing for a direct purchase of a "refurbished" unit for $410.00 plus $220.00 core fee which you get back when you send in your defective unit. But I lost the info on that one. It may have been PACPARTS!!! So, I hope this info helps other consumers who paid WAY too much for products that the manufacturers KNEW would fail. My research revealed that the actual developer of the central device, the "DMD" chip, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, even reported that these chips would fail QUICKLY above 65 degrees F!!! All of us who have ANY knowledge of these sets KNOW that the lamp creates WAY higher temps than that. Combine that with the fact that the natural dust in ALL homes clogs air passages and fans and it is EASY to see that these units were designed improperly to begin with. I am no engineer/developer. But engineers/developers clean their own homes, don't they? Doesn't everyone know how often you have to dust??? Shouldn't a highly educated engineer be able to for see a problem with dust??
So, again, I hope this helps some of you consumers out there looking for solutions to problems created and perpetrated by a grossly greedy and neglectful sector of retail Corporate America.
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Re: dlp light engine repair

Postby grayfox » Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:32 am

I know the story very well, thank you for taking the time to help other in similar situation, BTW Toshiba had a class action lawsuit because they did not know how to use this DLP technology, and they LOST!!! anyway do you have a part number? maybe i can try searching my sources for you,

Thank you and good luck!
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