San Diego Reader Lutema Bluetooth Speaker

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San Diego Reader Lutema Bluetooth Speaker

Post by soccermom11 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:35 am

Hi, my husband recently bought a Lutema bluetooth speaker from San Diego Readers website Reader I have a few questions..

1) How do you properly connect the wireless bluetooth device to your phone for hands free calling?

2) Rechargeable wireless bluetooth battery- How long would the battery last in one single usage?

Any help on my new bluetooth wireless device would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: San Diego Reader Lutema Bluetooth Speaker

Post by ovadoggvo » Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:10 pm

The wavetube wireless bluetooth speaker by Lutema is a great speaker... I use it myself for conference calls, phone calls, as well as music playback. The sound coming out of this little heavy wireless bluetooth speaker is outrageously clear!

1 - To connect your wireless bluetooth speaker to your phone, you need to hold the mode button until the blue light starts to blink. Then it makes the bluetooth wirelesss wavetube speaker detectable by your phone. It should show up as "wavetube" under bluetooth devices.

Once you connect, the bluetooth settings should allow you to select music playback and phone headset options for the device. Those two should both be checked. This means if you only want to use it for music and not hands free calling, you can disable the handsfree calling option.. When the phone rings and you pick it up, the bluetooth speaker will go on standby and your headset will be enabled for your phone call... when your call is done, the music will continue playback where you left off..

Pretty cool!

2 - The rechargeable battery for your bluetooth wireless speaker will last 3-6 hours depending on the volume. I normally get about 4-5 hours out of it on moderate playback volume.

I hope this helps.

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