Toshiba LED smart TV..smarter than I am

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Toshiba LED smart TV..smarter than I am

Postby def » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:07 am

So, Santa brought us a new Toshiba 50L3400U 50” smart LED TV for Christmas.

How do you improve the picture quality on this receiver? I am having difficulty getting face tones to come out correctly (everybody looks like they are jaundiced).

Is there a service mode or technician mode I can call up to make adjustments? Is there a focus adjustment, convergence adjustment, screen alignment?.... any of that stuff?

Someone, please educate me . The only thing I know about LEDs is they work fine in the lamps on my vehicles…oh, and they consume little power and their time to illuminate and time to decay is fast..much faster than an incandescent lamp.

Finally, are there wireless keyboards for operating the browser function? Using the remote to surf is painful.



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Re: Toshiba LED smart TV..smarter than I am

Postby grayfox » Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:47 pm


I can relate yes the Toshiba remote is a jigsaw puzzle! that one required extensive manual reading to decipher unfortunately.. and some trial and error.

That out of the way, the default presets must have not solved your problem which is odd (dynamic, movie, game, etc).

Luckily you can bring up the On Screen Menu and mess with the tint/sharpness/color/contrast/bright and even some advanced picture settings..

Now if this does not get you the picture you want, the service menu will only operate that which the analog and digital video cards transmit video to the screen, so I would change focus to the video feed/source and try to tweak it there.

Haha yes, the LED was mostly only used as the backlight method in previous models, yet now used as the image source itself (replacing it by the pixel) this allows for a great/larger array of colors and brightness when opposed to an LCD screen.
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