TDA-03211c Polaroid Video board?

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TDA-03211c Polaroid Video board?

Postby merc4now » Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:08 am

Hey guys, well just replaced the power supply and order a new or used not sure Video board from Discount merchant. So I went from a completely dead tv that I picked up really cheap to one that turns on now. BUT my video board will not power it on at all no response when button pushed. The new video board turns it on, great, but any ideal if it causes this screen problem (see pictures below)? or is it possible the LCD or logic board is at fault? This is my first LCD repair attempt. I have 10 days for a DOA claim but would rather do it as soon as possible but it says if the board if good they charge a $25 percent restocking fee. So i';d appreciate any help or direction to another forum that has more info on these problems or this tv, Thanks!

tried other inputs it's not completely blue but mostly may be due to the DVD player that's hooked up for all the blue.
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