Need help after replacing Samsung DLP digital board

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Need help after replacing Samsung DLP digital board

Postby MikeC144 » Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:14 pm

Hey guys, brand new to the forum...I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong area or violating any rules here. I have a Samsung 50 in DLP model HLR5067WX/XAA. I took it to a repair shop and they told me that the digital board was what was causing it not to turn on. So, rather than pay them around $500 to replace it, I tracked down a used board that was pulled from a working TV for $100. I replaced it myself, and the tv started right up. (BP94-01858A was the model board I bought) The picture was upside down when the tv turned on, but I fixed that by getting in to the service menu (Mute +1+8+2+PWR ON) and flipping both the V-flip and H-flip options. I had nothing hooked up at the time, and the tv was displaying a blue screen reading (no signal or weak signal), so I thought everything was fine. Well, after hooking up cable the picture is AWFUL. It is scrambled everywhere with small white and purple horizontal lines going through. I also hooked up a Wii system just to test an AV input. Same story. The strange thing is that the high def channels come in crystal clear. (For example, channel 10 in standard definition has the bad picture, then channel 10 - 1 in high def is perfect.) I read this guide thoroughly: ... Dig_Bd.pdf
After trying the 2nd procedure (since 1 didnt apply to me) I set everything back to original in the service menu as to not throw anything off. The 3rd procedure in this guide with the light engine seems like it might work, but for some reason I dont have the "ENGINE SELECT" parameter available in my service menu. I also don't have the DMD digital parameter that it talks about. I know this guide applies to my model as it lists HLRxx67 models. I called Samsung and they just want to send a tech out, and I don't want to spend the money I was saving anyway. Does anyone have an idea as to how to fix this? Could I simply just have hooked something up wrong here? Thanks to all in advance.

Straight from the guide:
When changing a Digital PCB on one of the HLRxx67 or HLRxx66 series DLPs the board has to be set to match the engine type in the unit.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell the options to do this simply aren't there in my service mode menu.
Thanks again.
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Re: Need help after replacing Samsung DLP digital board

Postby ChubbsTech » Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:01 pm

Hello MikeC144.
First of all, before you took your TV to the technicians. What where the symptoms? Did the TV not turn at all? The reason for these questions is that a bas digital board is no reason for the TV to not turn on. A bad digital board normally causes the TV to have a bad picture. Now from what you describe, since you are able to see the digital channels perfectly that means the digital board is fine, to be able to fully discard it as the problem, try to connect a external device using HDMI or VGA cable. If the picture is OK the its NOT the digital board. If you still get problems, try to reset the Digital board (there is a small metal board near the chip & memory) press it firmly for two seconds. That causes the board to return to factory settings. If you still have the same problem the I would suggest replacing the analog board (right now it’s the strongest suspect, but before you rush in to replace it you have to fully discard the digital board).
Good luck.
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Re: Need help after replacing Samsung DLP digital board

Postby Jason1976 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:46 pm

If he has a hlr5067w hlr4667w, hlr5667w, or hlr6167w a digital board can keep a tv from powering on. The tv will just sit with the lamp light on the front will just flash. So a digital board can keep a dlp tv from turning on.

Is your tv one of these models?
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Re: Need help after replacing Samsung DLP digital board

Postby tapdawg25 » Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:30 pm

I, too am having the exact same problem. The 'engine select' parameter is just not in my service menu. I just purchased the replacement part for the digital board (the old one was discontinued). My new one was pulled from a brand new HL-R5067W with a cracked screen, so it is not used and the same model I have. My DMD bias menu is grayed out, as well. there a firmware update I need or something to get those menu options accessible to me? I think if I can get to the engine select menu option, my inputs will be recognized.

Any info will be so helpful.

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