Mitsubishi DLP WD-60735 White dots on screen

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Mitsubishi DLP WD-60735 White dots on screen

Postby 41flathead » Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:45 am

I suddenly have two small white dots in the center of my screen .....Store that i purchased the television from says that it is the light engine going bad that is causing the pixels to stay illuminated...Of course I did not purchase the extended warranty! and they priced this part to me for $650 !!! Is there a difference between the light engine and the DLP chip? or are these one in the same thing? Mitsubishi wants me to pay a guy 100.00 to drive four hours to give "diagnostics and Estimate" and then they will consider whether to fix my guarantees! Has anybody else encountered this problem with this model television? If so please any advice would be appreciated!!! I purchased this tv Feb of 2009 not even two years old yet!
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Re: Mitsubishi DLP WD-60735 White dots on screen

Postby rougeleader » Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:40 pm

Hi, Good afternoon
well white dots are a know issue with Mitsubishi, DMD (Digital Micro-Mirror Device) or DLP (Digital Light Processor) chip is failing. The DMD is has hundreds of thousands of tiny movable mirrors. Each white spot is a stuck mirror. Each mirror is a pixel. Sometimes a stuck mirror shows as a black speck.
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