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JVC HD-ILA Projection Television User Guide for models HD-52G787,HD-56G787,HD-61G787,HD-52G887,HD-56G887,HD-61G887,HD-70G887
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  1. avatar Roger says:

    Had my Samsung HLR6167WAX for about 8 years, changed the color wheel about 6 months ago TV worked fine. Just recently TV would shut off and have to be unplugged for a minute or two and plugged back in to fire up. The last time it shut off it would not come back on, changed the lamp and both cooling fans, still will not fire the only sound it makes is one click and then nothing. The timer/standby lights flash which indicates a fan problem but both fans are new. With the back off and lamp switch bypassed the fans do not come on when attempting to power up. Don’t know whats next maybe the landfill.

    • avatar Shelagh McNally says:

      Hi Roger,
      This sounds like a problem for our experts over at the forum. Head over to and sign up. There are a number of expers who can walk you through solving that issue. Hold off on the land site just yet! Keep me posted on how things are progressing.

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