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Arc distance, wattage, reflector size in projector lamps

Authentic projector lamps save you time and money With guaranteed OEM authentic projector lamps,  you’ll never experience the frustration of down time from a projector ruined by a defective lamp. Three important things to watch for: Arc distance, wattage, reflector size.

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Replacing the Viewsonic PJD6241 projector lamp

Your guide for replacing the Viewsonic PJD6241 projector lamp. Note: Viewsonic recommends you contact a service rep before changing the Viewsonic PJD6241 projector lamp. End of life warning signs: Power LED lamp light flashes bright blue Lamp LED becomes bright red.

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Change the Boxlight XP-60m projector lamp

When it’s time to replace your Boxlight XP-60m projector lamp our handy step-by-step guide is here to help! Get the right projector lamp Be sure to buy an authentic Boxlight XP-60m projector lamp from a recognized dealer. The cheaper knock off lamps

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Install a new Hitachi CP-X605 projector lamp

Replace the Hitachi CP-X605 projector lamp with the instruction guide. First step: Buy authentic projector lamp Be sure to install an authentic Hitachi CP-X605 projector lamp to keep your projector working at its best. You’ll need a Hitachi DT00771 CPX605

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Change the Sharp XG-P10XU projector lamp

Follow our step-by-step replacement guide to replace the Sharp XG-P10XU projector lamp. Know the warning signs The Sharp XG-P10XU projector lamp operates for approximately 1,000 hours, depending on the usage and maintenance. You should replace the projector lamp when it’s been

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Replacing the Optoma Theme Scene H56 projector lamp

Replace the Optoma Theme Scene H56 projector lamp using this simple guide. As the Optoma Theme Scene H56 projector lamp approaches its end of life at 2000 hours, a warning message will be projected: “Lamp may fail soon! Replacement Suggested!” You may

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Replace the Epson EMP-6010 projector lamp

Follow our 3-step guide to replace the Epson EMP-6010 projector lamp. Warning signs Watch for the signs that the Epson EMP-6010 projector lamp needs to be replaced. Look for these signs: Dark image Image that has deteriorated On warning message

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Replace the Knoll HT211 projector lamp

Follow this step-by-step guide to change the lamp in your Knoll HT211 projector! Note: Your Knoll HT211 uses the Knoll 28-631 lamp. Be sure to invest in an authentic Knoll HT211 projector lamp. Checking hours After 1000 hours of use,

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Replace your Knoll HT201 projector lamp

Follow this step-by-step guide to change the Knoll HT201 projector lamp! After 1000 hours of use, the Knoll HT201 projector lamp will need to be replaced as it is approaching end of life. The STATUS indicator will light up red

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Quick instructions for replacing the Acer H5360 projector lamp

Change the Acer H5360 projector lamp in under 10 minutes when you follow our guide. Finding the correct lamp Your Acer H5360 projector uses the Acer EC.K0700.001 lamp. Be sure to buy your Acer H5360 projector lamp from an authorized

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