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Create a home theater for the World World Cup

As we head into the final rounds of the FIFA World Cup, there is still time to create your home theater. A 1080p high definition TV projector will give you the clearest picture and sharpest colors to enjoy this international

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Projector contrast ratio for the perfect picture

The projector contrast ratio makes all the difference in your view! You’ve picked out the projector model and you’re ready to buy. It’s got all the features you were looking for but there’s one final consideration: projector contrast ratio. After

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Set up your home theater for sports action

  Enjoy all the sports action on your big home theater screen. Here’s what to do to set it up. There are more choices that every for watching TV shows and films as well as all the big sporting events

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Setting up a home theater

Here’s a check list for getting your home theater up and running. Entertainment options have never been more varied or easy to access. Whether it’s streaming, watching DVD, satellite or cables feeds, setting up a home theater gives you a

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Grey vs white home theater projector screen

Which type of home theater projector screen do you need? Should you buy a white or grey home theater projector screen. It all depends on where and what you are showing in your home theater setup. Once you have decided

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