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The Sharp RRMCGA535WJSA remote control is also know as the GA535WJSA for short. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for a replacement remote control for Sharp TVs. We recommend the GA535WJSA because of a number of “extra” features it’s …

Sharp RRMCGA535WJSA Flat Panel LCD Remote Control Read More »

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The Hitachi 32HDL51 is a high definition television having a 32 inch screen size when measured diagonally and uses the LCD technology. The cabinet has been elegantly designed with the use of a two tone color system. The screen is …

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Increasing the Life of Your DLP Lamp or LCD Lamp It’s a terrible feeling… it sucks when you’re anticipating watching your favorite program and “pop,” the lamp in your projection TV fails 🙁 Why did it happen? You were just …

How to extend the life of your DLP, LCoS, SXRD, HD-ILA, or LCD TV Lamp -Intuitive Guide Read More »

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