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Replacing the Mitsubishi WD-92842 RPTV lamp

When the picture on your Mitsubishi WD-73C12 RPTV becomes dimmer it’s time to replace the lamp. Follow this step-by-step guide for replacing the Mitsubishi 915B455011/915B455A11 lamp. When the lamp is no longer working the Status Light on the front of

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Your D.I.Y. guide to a new Mitsubishi WD-92A12 RPTV lamp

Red light blinking? Picture dimmer? Replace your Mitsubishi WD-92A12 RPTV lamp. Follow our quick guide for easy replacement of the Mitsubishi 915B455011/ 915B455A11 lamp for the Mitsubishi WD-92A12 RPTV. Replacement warnings Watch for the telltale signs of a dimmer picture on screen

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Mitsubishi 915P043010 TV LAMP – indepth inside look

See what your Mitsubishi 915P043010 lamp unit looks like! FixYourDLP.com takes an in depth look inside this hard to find and hard to install television part.

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