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3 steps to a new Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV lamp

Follow this 3-step guide for replacing the lamp in your Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV. You’ll need a a new Mitsubishi 915B455011/915B455A11 Lamp. Step 1: Know when to replace Wondering when to replace the Mitsubishi WD-92742 RPTV? Watch for the telltale signs of

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We are continuing our week long manual marathon with this being the fourth day. This time it’s the Mitsubishis Owner’s manual for your projection TV’s You can download or view them here: Mitsubishi WD-62530, WD-52531, WD-62531 Click here. Mitsubishi WD-52631,

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How to replace Mistubishi lamp enclosure for your projection TV.

Step 1.- Before you start doing anything, unplug the TV from the wall outlet. There are a few thousand volts going through your ballast, be very careful! It’s also a good idea to let the TV cool down for at

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