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Tag: Optoma BL-FP260B lamp

Learn about the Optoma BL-FP260 SP.86R01GC01 projector lamp Which projectors are compatible with the Optoma BL-FP260B projector lamp. Keep reading to learn more and find out how to install this new lamp into your Optoma projector. Look for the seal …

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Need a new Optoma TX773 projector lamp? Don’t call the technician before reading this step-by-step guide. When theĀ Optoma TX773 projector lamp is reaching end of life you’ll start seeing the warning signs: A screen that is gradually dimming or deteriorating. …

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Replacement guide for the Optoma EP773 projector lamp When you see the Lamp Replacement message on your projector screen, it’s time for a new Optoma 773 projector lamp. Installing a new lamp is simple. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn …

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