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Why Philips remains the leader in DLP lamps

Keep your projector working at its best by investing in a Philips OEM projector lamp Who makes DLP lamps? There are only handful of genuine lamp manufacturers in the market such as Philips, Ushio, Pheonix, Osram, Matsushita, with Philips being

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Go with original replacement projector lamps

Original replacement projector lamps are the way to go. Counterfeit DLP Lamps will cost more in the long run. Original replacement projector lamps will protect your investment. Buy from a certified manufacturer or reseller. It may be tempting to buy

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Beware of Third-Party & Generic DLP TV Lamps, Counterfeit, Copy Lamps

Buying a replacement DLP lamp? What you need to know about making an informed and educated decision when buying a replacement TV lamp

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