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Consumer Alert: The dangers of counterfeit projector lamps

The dangers of counterfeit projector lamps are very real. Counterfeit projector lamps may seem like quite the bargain. Would you compromise your health and risk your eyesight for the sake of a few dollars? Using counterfeit, knock-off projector or rear-projector

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Your easy guide for replacing the Sanyo PLC-XU25 projector lamp

STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLC-XU25 LAMP REPLACEMENT If your projector Sanyo PLC-XU25 lamp no longer turns on, it needs to be replaced.  If the picture is dim or looks unnatural the Sanyo POA-LMP55 (service part no 610 309 2706) is reaching its

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Replacing the Sanyo POA-LMP63 (service parts no 610 304 5214) projector lamp

  The Sanyo POA-LMP53 (service part no 610 303 5826) should last between 1,000 to 3,000 hours depending on how often the projector is used and whether proper maintenance is done on a regular basis. Turning the projector off immediately

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How to replace the Sanyo PLC-XU30/PLC-XU35 projector lamp

When you notice a yellow blinking light on the top of your Sanyo PLC-XU30/PLC-XU35 projector, it’s time to replace the Sanyo POA-LMP35 (service part no 610 293 2751) projector lamp. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions below for a quick and

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When to replace the POA-LMP48 (610 301 7167) projector lamp

The life expectancy of your Sanyo POA-LMP48 (service part no 610 301 7167) lamp depends on the amount of usage and whether the air filters are cleaned on a regular basis. A build up of dust on the filters will reduce

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Changing the lamps in your Sanyo PLC-XF40 projector

Your Sanyo PLC-XF40 projector has four Sanyo POA-LMP42 (service part 610-292-4831) projector lamps. When any of the four projector lamps is nearing the end of its life, the Lamp Replace Indicator at the front and at the back of the projector will flash

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Step-by-step instructions on replacing the Sanyo PLC-XP21 projector lamp

Learn how to replace the projector lamp in your Sanyo PLC-XP21/PLC-XP21E projector using this quick step-by-step guide. As your Sanyo PLC-XP21/PLC-XP21E projector lamp nears end of life, you’ll see the Lamp Replacement Indicator on the top panel blinking orange. Replace the

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When to replace your Sanyo PLC-XP18 projector lamp

When you see an orange light blinking on your Sanyo PLC-XP18 projector it’s time to replace the projector lamp. The Lamp Replacement Indicator turns orange when your Sanyo projector lamp is nearing its end of life. Replace the lamp immediately with

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Replace your Sanyo PLC-XP17 projector lamp

Have your Sanyo PLC-XP17 projector ready and waiting for use by paying close attention to the age of the lamp. When the lamp goes, the Sanyo PLC-XP17 projector will no longer function. Learn how to replace the projector lamp in

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Change the lamp in your Sanyo PLC-XW15 projector

Avoid the nightmare scenario of having your projector not work for the important presentation by knowing when it’s time to replace the lamp in your Sanyo PLC-XW15 projector. Watch for the yellow blinking light on the Lamp Replace Indicator on

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