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STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR SANYO PLC-XW10 LAMP REPLACEMENT When the image on your Sanyo PLC-XW10 projector becomes extremely dark or an unnatural colour, it’s time to change the projector lamp. You’ll notice that Lamp Replacement Indicator on the top control panel will …

How to Change the Lamp in a Sanyo PLC-XW10 Projector Read More »

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STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR SANYO PLC-SW15 LAMP REPLACEMENT The lifespan of your Sanyo PLC-SW15 projector lamp will vary depending on how much the projector is used and if the air filters are cleaned regularly. When your lamp is nearing its end of life …

Replace your Sanyo PLC-SW15 projector lamp in 6 easy steps Read More »

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When you notice a yellow blinking light on the top of your Sanyo PLC-SW10 projector, it’s time to replace the Sanyo POA-LMP23 (service parts no 610 285 2912). BEFORE INSTALLATION Be sure to purchase only genuine POALMP23 to protect your …

How to replace the Sanyo PLC-SW10 projector lamp Read More »

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When the Sanyo POA-LMP132 (service parts no 610 345 2456) nears the end of life, the Lamp life control menu will begin blinking yellow on your Sanyo PLC-XR201/PLC-XR251 projector. The Lamp replacement icon will also appear on screen. If Mode 2 has …

Replacing POA-LMP132 in the Sanyo PLC-XR201/PLC-XR251 projector Read More »

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The Sanyo POA-LMP131 (service parts no 610 343 2069) lamp on your Sanyo PLC-XU301/PLC-XU301K is the main source of light for your projector and when it stops working the whole machine will shut down. It’s important to know when to replace …

Replace the lamp in your Sanyo PLC-XU301/PLC-XU301K projector Read More »

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If you haven’t heard, Toshiba is being forced to give out refunds through a class-action settlement that claims Toshiba knowingly misrepresented the life of their proprietary, direct current, DLP lamps, which we all know to be extremely short compared with …

Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement Makes Toshiba Pay For Bad DLP TV Lamps Read More »

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Samsung hat eine große Zahl von Kunden verwirrt…Hier ist die Hintergrund-Geschichte. Samsung benutzte ursprünglich Toshiba als seinen UHP Lampen Zulieferer. Nach ein paar  Produktionsläufen entschied Samsung sich auf Philips UHP Lampen umzusteigen. Warum Samsung diese Entscheidung fällte ist reine Spekulation…Bessere …

Samsung DLP Lampen Kompatibilität Referenz Read More »

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Finden Sie heraus wie Sie Fälscher von DLP-Lampen entlarven können und sicherstellen, dass Sie ein OEM Produkt erwerben.

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I just got word from Discount-Merchant.com that they are selling all RCA and Samsung lamps made by Philips for $99.99. That’s unheard of! I just thought that if anyone was looking for a deal, this is the time to buy …

Black Friday Specials $100 DLP TV Lamps! Read More »

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Do you have a projection TV with a bad lamp? Is the lamp inside your TV a Philips or Osram 100W, 100W/120W, or a 120W lamp? Does it say 1.3 just after the wattage? If so, click here for the …

Philips 120W 1.3 UHP Lamp – OSRAM P-VIP 120 1.3 E23h Read More »

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