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Care and maintenance of your projector

Learn how maintenance can prolong projector lamp life How to create a regular maintenance routine that will keep your projector working smoothly and prolong projector lamp life. Cleaning the lens A dirty projector lens can damped the quality of your

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Tips to make your projector lamp last longer

A few simple maintenance tips can make your projector lamp last longer. Learn how to create a simple maintenance routine that will keep your projector working at its best while prolonging projector lamp life. Here are some top tips to

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Clean your projector lens properly

Eventually every projector lens gets dirty or dusty.     Here are some tips on how to clean your projector lens without damaging it. Before cleaning: Turn off the projector Unplug the power cable Let the projector cool down. It

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Safety tips for your Optoma 1080p Projector

Follow these important safety and maintenance tips to keep your Optoma 1080p projector working Basic Care To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose your Optoma projector to rain or excessive moisture. Other than opening the

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