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Setting up your home theater projector screen

Projector screen set up is the final step for your home theater It takes some planning to get your projector screen set up to get the perfect location. You’ll first have to consider the location of the projector. Most projectors

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Create a home theater for the World World Cup

As we head into the final rounds of the FIFA World Cup, there is still time to create your home theater. A 1080p high definition TV projector will give you the clearest picture and sharpest colors to enjoy this international

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Cleaning your Projector Screen

A dirty projector screen can ruin your view. These tips help you clean the right way. Your projector screen is an integral part of your projector set up. A dirty projector screen can affect your viewing experience. A build up

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The importance of aspect ratio for your projector screen

Aspect ratio is one of the most important considerations when choosing a projector screen Aspect ratio is just as important as the projector’s gain and material. It’s the proportion of width and height of an image projected onto the screen.

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